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Monday, December 6, 2010

Children's Book: Where's My Mummy?

I originally ordered this book as part of a set from my Scholastic Book Club.  Each month, they have a listening library.  For $20, you get four books and the cd's that go with them.  I am a huge fan of these in my classroom.  They're great in my reading corner.  My kiddos love hearing all the different voices.  I can't say I'm the best at character voices, so I'm glad they get to hear it in this form.  Anyway, I ordered the October (or maybe it was September) listening library set one year.  This book was part of it.  I have yet to use the cd.  When I received the book, it was already close to Halloween, so Lindsay, my amazing teacher's aide (love her!), read this book to our bus students while they were waiting after school one day.  The next day, my book helper chose this book to be read during a circle time.  My bus riders must have loved it because they were all telling me what happened in the story before I got to the parts!  Well, I read it in class and the book helper chose a center to put in in.  The next week, I took all my Halloween books home.  I randomly decided to read this one to my son as a bedtime story.  Wow... He has asked for it every single night since then.  This is the first book he ever asked me to read.  He absolutely loves it!  I know that when he's having a fussy night, this book will do the trick!  It has quickly become something I will remember years from now.  I love hearing my little man tell me, "Mummies, Mommy!  Mummies!"

Little Baby Mummy does not want to go to bed.  He begs Big Mama Mummy for one more game of Hide and Shriek.  In the process, Little Baby Mummy encounters some not-so-scary creatures.  In the end, Big Mama Mummy is always there to protect and comfort her little one.  This is a sweet story about a little mummy's love for his Big Mama Mummy.  Love it!

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